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How to Prevent Dust in Crusher in Spring

2019/7/25 Click:126
Spring is a warming season, the same dry and rainless, accompanied by seasonal wind, will cause air dust, in the use of crushers, will produce a large number of dust. Therefore, when using crusher, we should use certain skills to reduce dust generation.
Therefore, when we use it, we must have some preventive measures, first of all, we should find out the reasons for the equipment itself. The first thing to do is to do a good job of maintenance. Effective protection work, maintenance in place, correct maintenance can play a role, but also to avoid blind maintenance. Correct maintenance can ensure that the crushing equipment keeps good working condition to ensure the reduction of dust.
The traditional way to prevent dust is to put a wet cloth or sponge at the inlet and outlet, so that the air has a certain humidity in the process of material transportation, so that no dust will float out. When handling, it needs to be handled properly. If not handled properly, the quality of materials will be affected in the process of transportation.
Another is that a dust removal point can be set on the conveyor. After the dust removal point is installed, the dust generated can be collected without flying into the air. And in the actual use of a more closed point of the environment to reduce the wind to dust dispersal.
For the crusher dust season, timely treatment and removal can reduce the occurrence of dust, which can ensure dust reduction at the same time, increase work efficiency.
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