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Method of Reducing Dust-raising of Crusher

2019/7/25 Click:95
Crusher, as the equipment used in beneficiation, produces a large amount of dust during beneficiation. These materials from the crusher directly affect the ore conveyor belt. Some materials splash or roll on the ground, which will make the ground accumulate a thick layer of material. Some powder materials will splash in the air, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to production.
At this time, a temporary trash can can be built between the crusher outlet and the ore belt, and the temporary dust collector can be used. Place a trash can and a valve temporarily. Then a control valve is set up to control material flow. Setting up temporary storage is to cushion the reverse effect of large flowing materials; material flow control valve can stabilize export logistics; temporary warehouse receiving dust collector can make part of fine powder in temporary storage early dust treatment, reduce export dust, but also help to improve the service life of the belt.
In this improvement, the dust flying and material splashing point to the workshop production and management has been thoroughly solved, bringing great convenience. In the process of crusher work, there may be some other problems, crusher common problems summary and fault treatment, but also need to pay attention to time, to provide crushing equipment efficiency.
In this way, dust collection can be carried out simply to prevent excessive dust from polluting the working environment in the process of using machinery.
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